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We are committed to the design and development of radio peripheral products, products with higher cost performance.

May you travel farther in the radio waves, and the signal will always be 59+.



Compared with similar products in the market, the product is smaller in size, lighter in weight and powerful in function.


The software system with independent intellectual property rights, and the continuous iterative upgrade of software and hardware, makes the functions more suitable for actual combat drills and facilitates your communication.

Advanced Function

The product has a multi-modular, customized and extensible design concept, allowing you to customize the personalized system as you like.

Lightweight And Quick Deployment

The original intention of the product design is the concept of lightweight, allowing you to carry less equipment and bring a better communication experience.

Super Cost-Effective

We have super cost-effective, we take the principle of radio communication as the principle, and reduce the cost of entry for players on the premise of ensuring the best quality.

No Worries After Sale

No matter where you buy the product, no matter when you buy the product, feel free to WhatsApp or Gmail to contact us.

Radio Products

We continue to design products according to the needs of the majority of HAM to make them more practical and convenient.

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AT-100M Automatic Shortwave Antenna Tuner (Universal)

Product Status:ON SALE

The product is mini and portable in size, rated power resistance 100W, instantaneous power resistance can reach 120W, built-in ultra-thin imported polymer lithium battery, high-definition OLED display allows you to see at a glance, and can be used as a power meter and a standing wave meter, with 16 advanced parameters Custom configuration for advanced gameplay.

  • Size:13.9cm x 7.4cm x 2.9cm
  • Weight:370g
  • Freq:1.8Mhz-30Mhz
  • Power:1.8-18Mh/0.1W-100W
  •      18-30MHz/0.1W-50W
  •      SSB/CW/0.1W-100W
  •      FM/AM/FT8/0.1W-50W
  • Battery:3300mAh
  • Standby:150~200 hours
  • Tuning:10-25 hours
  • Firmware:v1.23.1a

Firmware Upgrade Log

Download[Quick Start Manual(EN).PDF]

Download[Advanced Manual(EN)_AD8Q.PDF]

Question And Answer(by AD8Q)

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AT-DP Antenna Adapter

Product Status:ON SALE

The product is a good helper for antenna feed testing, allowing your ideas and designs to be verified more quickly. More freedom when setting up the antenna.

  • Size:8cm x 3cm x 5cm
  • Weight:44g
  • Material:High Strength Fiberboard
  • Ring structure:304 Stainless Steel
  • Power:300w
  • Package:DIY kit
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AT-PWR&SWR Shortwave Power Standing Wavemeter

Product Status: In Development

The product is an ultra-small, power and standing wave meter that supports frequencies of 1-30Mhz, supports a variety of graphical curves, bar UI display light functions, and supports users to calibrate functions in the advanced operation configuration, allowing you to communicate during the process. Obtain accurate power and standing wave values at all times.

  • Size:9.9cm x 7.4cm x 2.9cm
  • Weight:160g
  • Freq:1.8Mhz-30Mhz
  •  Power:0.1W-200W
  • Batter:1600mAh
  • Standby:150~200 hours

HAM Big Players

Our products are sold in various countries and regions, and have a large user group. We will continue to upgrade and improve according to the suggestions of the majority of HAM players.

Hope you can provide us with more valuable comments.